Vol. 33 “Everything Ends…It’s A-OK”- Jonathan Goldsmith “The Worlds Most Interesting Man”

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You know him as the Dos Equis “World’s Most Interesting Man” I know him as a dear friend and mentor from 1995-1997…Jonathan Goldsmith.

I met Jonathan in 1995 when he was the President of Enviro-tech International.  He became my first mentor in public speaking, in Direct Selling and a friend.  Our time together ended when he departed from his role in 1998, my time with him cut too short.  So many moments and lessons I learned from him, the last one he left me with defined a big part of me over the past two decades.

Wherever you are my friend know that I miss you.  Courtney and I speak of you often…the guidance, support, attention, the joys and the wonderful stories you gave us.  Neither time, distance or the past will change or ever erase that.  What a moment it is every time I see you and your adventures as “The World’s Most Interesting Man.  Stay thirsty my friend!

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Next week “It’s How You Say It”- Dean Naylor

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5 thoughts on “Vol. 33 “Everything Ends…It’s A-OK”- Jonathan Goldsmith “The Worlds Most Interesting Man”

  1. Drew Earl

    Excellent review of the Hilton Head event, and our friend Jono. I miss him. Likewise, I had many great experiences on the road with Jono. I remember feeling exhaused from travel and meetings and moaning to myself that my Delta account had hit 470 thousand miles. Just as I was thinking that I dialed into voice mail and heard Jono,s short message on New Years eve, 1996…”Hi all, just got a letter from American Airlines telling me I hit a million miles. Now isn’t that nice.” That was all I needed to hear to know, ‘I can do better!’ He was an inspiration.
    Great message Jerry!

    1. Jerry Vitale Post author

      Thanks Drew…the series is in a point in my life where I met so many of my first “business guides”. As I prepared to record these messages I found it hard to narrow it down to what one or two things I could share as my ETI guides were so important in my formative years…meaning leaving following the Grateful Dead behind and beginning to design a life along with Courtney. These “Gift Givers” gave so much in such a short period of time. The whole series is nothing more than a public thank you note to everyone who lent a hand in my life…there are ohh so many. Thanks Drew for your comment and for a fun memory of a wonderful friend and man…Johnathan.

  2. Bill Day

    Hi Jerry,

    I also miss Johnathan and our times in Penna. He traveled with us all over Ohio and Pa. He also invited us to his home in New York. Johnathan not only talked the talk he walked the talk. Johnathan and I talked a bit about Falconery that I practiced for many years. I just viewed one of his ads with a Peregrine falcon in it. Amazing my friend. He was a real friend in deed. Does anyone know his info? I would love to talk to him. He helped Me go ” From the Coal Mine to the Gold Mine”


    Bill & Janet Day

    1. Jerry Vitale Post author

      Hi Bill…best to you and Janet as well. Miss you guys, but thanks for taking a moment and sharing some thoughts about our good friend Jonathan! As I can not think of you, and as I am currently working on yours and Paul Hobsons audios for my “You’re A Gift” series, without that great expression “from the coal mine to the gold mine”. That business as well as the Direct Selling industry changes lives for the postitive even if it’s simply getting someone to see possibility in all areas of life and believe that anything and everything is possible. Thanks again for all you have done for Courtney and I and I’ll be anxious to share you with all the “You’re A Gift” listeners in the next month or so. Happy days…


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