Directors ChairJerry Vitale is a very bright, very gifted storyteller. Wise beyond his years, Jerry’s gifts for public speaking are prodigious. He can motivate an audience to believe in themselves with just one carefully crafted story. His timing is impeccable, and his heart for service to others is palpable. I believe Jerry is a true giant among speakers.   Dianne Mooney- Founder, Southern Living At HOME

“Jerry has the unique ability to reach your audience with an authentic, intimate message that drives action and emotion.” Jim McGivern-Vice President of Sales, SE, BI Worldwide

“Jerry’s approach is so unique as he engages people emotionally and with such a passion that reveals that he “gets it”…he understands. Sharing his passion for music and storytelling, he creates an important connection as he draws everyone into the message he delivers”!   Chris Whitacre-Leader of Field Development, All’asta

“Jerry delivers his messages in a way that keeps his audience attentive and interested, He weaves metaphors, stories, experiences, and values while tailoring the messaging to the needs and goals of the organization at that point in time”. Tim OShea VP/CFO of Small Business ADT

“I have watched Jerry light up a room, build energy that explodes as he finishes his talk, and truly gets his audience engaged like no one I’ve ever seen. He is truly a master at grabbing a hold of the crowd and keeping them on the edge of their seats”.  Connie Ashburn-Director of Sales Development Demarle at Home

“Jerry’s ability to hold an audience on the edge of their seat while at the same time building competences is unsurpassed. His unique story telling brings relevancy to essential content and his delivery leaves participants wanting more. Genuine, authentic, and passionate”. Bill Shaw-Former President, TOHE-Reader’s Digest and CEO Southern Living at Home

“As a direct seller, I found Jerry Vitale’s ability to connect and empower myself as well as my sales team like no one I had ever encountered before.  Whether it was through weekly calls or at an annual conference, Jerry seamlessly used his gift of story telling, peppered with humor and relatablity to drive home home poignant messages that have continued to help my direct selling business soar”.  Regina Viscount-Founding Director, Ruby Ribbon

“Jerry will deliver a message that is exactly what you are looking for. He is sharp, focused and well prepared. His mix of motivation and proven skills will be an outstanding addition to any event”. Bryan Thayer-President, Pixingo.com & Author of “Life Leaves Clues”

“Inspirational, motivational, a master story-teller, Jerry Vitale grabs the members of his audience in the opening seconds and doesn’t let go until they’re on their feet cheering for more.  If you want to energize your audience, you want Jerry”.  Jim Waldsmith-Jim Waldsmith’s Creative Arts, LLC

“I can recommend Jerry Vitale for your next meeting or event. His stage presence, boundless energy and engaging personality are certain to move and motivate your attendees from beginning to end.  I’ve worked with many speakers during my career and none are as effective as Jerry Vitale”!  Pam Scott-Corporate Event Planner

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