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Vol. 33 “Everything Ends…It’s A-OK”- Jonathan Goldsmith “The Worlds Most Interesting Man”

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You know him as the Dos Equis “World’s Most Interesting Man” I know him as a dear friend and mentor from 1995-1997…Jonathan Goldsmith.

I met Jonathan in 1995 when he was the President of Enviro-tech International.  He became my first mentor in public speaking, in Direct Selling and a friend.  Our time together ended when he departed from his role in 1998, my time with him cut too short.  So many moments and lessons I learned from him, the last one he left me with defined a big part of me over the past two decades.

Wherever you are my friend know that I miss you.  Courtney and I speak of you often…the guidance, support, attention, the joys and the wonderful stories you gave us.  Neither time, distance or the past will change or ever erase that.  What a moment it is every time I see you and your adventures as “The World’s Most Interesting Man.  Stay thirsty my friend!

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

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