Vol. 32 “Simplicity Is Greatness”- Rod Yanke

scan0001 Photo Jan 18, 6 09 47 PM

Rod Yanke co-founded Enviro-tech International when by happenstance he found Waterless Carwash.  It was his simple vision that changed the lives of tens of thousands of people in the 90’s by putting people into home based businesses with a unique, one of a kind product.  That company grew to greatness, more than 50 million in sales annually, from a simple idea, a simple battle cry of “squirt the dirt 3 times a day and watch your business grow”.  As distributors we were so steeped in the basic, the fundamentals.  So simple an idea lead to great things for so many people.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Next week “Everything Ends…It’s A-OK”- Johnathan Goldsmith “The Worlds Most Interesting Man”

Press play arrow below to hear “Simplicity Is Greatness”.

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