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“Jerry Vitale Video Library”

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I am taking a hiatus this week from “You’re A Gift” to announce and launch my video library showcasing clips from some of my presentations.  Today’s clip is “Learning To Fly”

Watch Jerry Vitale “Learning To Fly”

I hope that this video library will become a regular stop for brief moments of learning, levity, education, inspiration and motivation.  I hope you and yours will enjoy this clip and all the new clips I will be sharing on a regular basis at:

Click For “Jerry Vitale Video Library”

I also ask for your help in spreading the word about my Platform Speaking services, for events large and small, by sharing these clips as an example of my one-of-a-kind speaking ability.  Sales meetings, management meetings, leadership meetings, fundraisers/silent auctions, academic assemblies, conference calls/webinars…anywhere and everywhere people come together and there is a need for a memorable, entertaining, learning, growing, sharing experience, please think of me.

All booking inquiries can be made at JerryVitaleHappyDays@gmail.com

Thanks again for your supporting “You’re A Gift” over the last months.  Next week you will hear “Living Well With Others”- Townhouse D-8…but this week please begin to enjoy the video library.

May these video segments be a blessing to you and yours as so many people have been a blessing to me over the past 18 years allowing this video collection to be a reality.

Thanks for watching!  Happy days…

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Vol. 21 “God Bless Teachers”- Catherine Ruvalo Ph.D & Suzanne Phillips Ph.D

Teachers Main Pic Dr R Dr P

This week meet two of the fine Professors from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Psychology Department back in the early 90s.

While Dr. Ruvalo & Dr. Phillips were instrumental in and there to witness my breakthrough for an appreciation of learning, there were many many hands over the years leading up, moving me forward, enabling me to get there.  This was no easy task as I was not an easy student but hundreds of teachers were there for me anyway.

Thanks to teachers everywhere, who show up everyday, even when it’s not easy.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Next week “Living Well With Others”- Townhouse D-8

Press play arrow below to hear this week’s message.

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