“Jerry Vitale Video Library”

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I am taking a hiatus this week from “You’re A Gift” to announce and launch my video library showcasing clips from some of my presentations.  Today’s clip is “Learning To Fly”

Watch Jerry Vitale “Learning To Fly”

I hope that this video library will become a regular stop for brief moments of learning, levity, education, inspiration and motivation.  I hope you and yours will enjoy this clip and all the new clips I will be sharing on a regular basis at:

Click For “Jerry Vitale Video Library”

I also ask for your help in spreading the word about my Platform Speaking services, for events large and small, by sharing these clips as an example of my one-of-a-kind speaking ability.  Sales meetings, management meetings, leadership meetings, fundraisers/silent auctions, academic assemblies, conference calls/webinars…anywhere and everywhere people come together and there is a need for a memorable, entertaining, learning, growing, sharing experience, please think of me.

All booking inquiries can be made at JerryVitaleHappyDays@gmail.com

Thanks again for your supporting “You’re A Gift” over the last months.  Next week you will hear “Living Well With Others”- Townhouse D-8…but this week please begin to enjoy the video library.

May these video segments be a blessing to you and yours as so many people have been a blessing to me over the past 18 years allowing this video collection to be a reality.

Thanks for watching!  Happy days…

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