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Vol. 76 “Me”- Gram Vitale

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I was fortunate enough to have my Gram in my life for 30 years.  What a treat, a joy and a most wonderful influence she was.   Meet Gram in this past installment, Volume 4 Click To Hear “American Ingenuity”

The last five years though were her slipping away…losing the battle to Alzheimers.  It’s 15 years ago this week I said good-bye.  Today I share the song I wrote for Gram “Me” that I penned back in 2003 and just finished recording this version.  I dedicate this song to everyone who has seen the devastation of Alzheimers and to everyone who is dedicated to finding a cure. Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Click To Hear “Me”


Gotta face it alone
Can’t find my way home
Left to drift and to roam
It’s just pieces to me

And I can’t pretend to remember
What it is I’m lookin/livin/waitin for
And I can’t seem to find myself
In a song where I know the score
People I have know
And all the places I have been
They’re just a distant memory/melody
What is it that’s happened to me?

What’s waiting & where
No sense left to care
I’m in whose company
What’s happening to me

Through the thick muddied haze
Still a glory of days
To keep dignity
You took good care of me

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