Vol. 85 “Free To Be Me”- Mom

Photo May 19, 3 35 08 AM

Mom always supported who I wanted to be rather than who she wanted me to be and it was Mom who shared the gift of music.  I remember her buying me one of my first albums “The Wall” by Pink Floyd back in third grade.  In honor of her, as well as all Moms this Mother’s Day, and her 45 years of love and support I have recorded the song “Mother” from “The Wall” that I’ll share with you in a special post this Sunday.  Happy Mother’s Day…I love you Mom.

In the meantime please enjoy meeting my Mom in this week’s message “El Capitan”.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Press play arrow below to hear “El Capitan”.

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2 thoughts on “Vol. 85 “Free To Be Me”- Mom

  1. Jackie Vitale

    Jerry, a thank you! So proud of the person you are. I may have taught you a lot, but you taught me much more. You were always a kind, giving, thoughtful person. I love you!!!



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