Vol. 72 “President”- A New Song From Jerry Vitale

Your A Gift  Photo Jul 19, 6 03 43 PM

Today…The Gift Of Music.  Enjoy my new song “President”

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Click To Play “President” Written And Recorded By Jerry VItale


And I And Me, And All The Scenes I Never See
I Try I Try To Be, All The Things You Need From Me
I Cry I Believe, In The Voice Inside Of Me
Alive I Flee, From The Fear Surrounding Me

And In Time We Will See, A Mortal Man Down On His Knees
Sometimes Despised Sometimes To Cling, To The Emptiness Oh How It Rings
Alone At Night And Time It Creeps, I Reach For Friends That I Didn’t Keep
Live In A World Live In A Place, Can’t Imagine All The Things We Will Face

And Destiny Holds Mystery, And Mystery Uncertainty
But To Change Just One Thing, Effects The Rest The Way It Reigns
Live To Breathe Sigh Of Relief, A Lonely Man What Does He Seek
By And By Just To Compete, Is It Getting Through Or Getting Weak

I Guess That’s Life, Some Left For Me
I Guess That’s Life, What’s Left To Be
What’s Left To Be

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