Vol. 71 “To Give”- Sue Awes

Photo Jul 03, 6 12 42 PM

On January 1st, 15 years ago, Southern Living at Home, a record-breaking Direct Selling company was launched.  Over the next months and years so many Gift Givers from this period of my life will appear in the “You’re A Gift Series” from time to time.

The door was opened to my participation with Southern Living at Home and some of the most exciting adventures in my life to date because of  Sue Awes.  It takes an act of giving to make a gift and Sue’s story reminds us that giving can be oh so simple and oh so easy.

Enjoy Sue’s blog “May 1st Everlasting” at the link below:

Click To Sue’s Blog “May1stEverlasting”

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Press play below to hear this week’s message “To Give”.

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