Vol. 27 “Listen To Who?” Chris & Jon Butcher

As Courtney and I were beginning to make our way in the “real world” it was Chris & Jon who helped us with our first crucial steps.  Living on their farm with them they were the closest of friends and came to know and understand Courtney and I as well as friends can know one another.  In a world of endless noise filled with “well meaning but often uniformed voices” Chris & Jon gave us the gift of identifying and hearing the people who know us best and who can really have our best interests at heart.

For those first 7 years following college Chris & Jon were one of a kind stewards to Courtney and my dreams and armed us with solid, well informed guidance, in the direction we chose to go.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Next week “Getting Things Done”- Jen, Jon & Meredith Harman

Press play arrow below to hear “Listen To Who?”.

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