Vol. 26 “My Bad: Courtney Leaves Johnstown”


From time to time in the “You’re A Gift Series” I will share “My Bad” moments reminding us all that mistakes are inevitable, everybody makes them so we are never alone, they are guidelines not stop signs and we inevitably always find our way through them when we learn to forgive ourselves first.

Other’s mistakes are gifts to all as they give the gift of learning through OPE “other people’s experience”.  May this and all the other “My Bad” situations I’ll share with you from time to time help you avoid making the same mistakes through slightly self deprecating, often humorous, always head scratching stories.

This week hear all about my bumbling and stumbling as Courtney I began our lives together that almost cost me life’s greatest gift, Courtney.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Next week special edition “Listen To Who?”- Chris & Jon Butcher

Press play arrow below to hear “Mt Bad: Courtney Leaves Johnstown”.

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2 thoughts on “Vol. 26 “My Bad: Courtney Leaves Johnstown”

  1. Paul Ciardullo SR

    Jerry, Thanks for cooking dinner that evening you stayed over in Connecticut during your “Envirotech” days.!!!! Keep it going! Uncle Paul


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