Vol. 3 “Mom, Dad, Sister”

      Dad      With Gina

In most of our lives the first gifts come from Family and that’s where I begin this week and throughout the next several weeks.

While my Mom, Dad and Sister have shared countless gifts, having a ‘spirit of adventure’ through healthy self-esteem, paying attention to when something strikes a nerve and knowing that ‘pressure turns coal into diamonds’ are the streets I walk you down this week.

Next week…”Gram & Pap Vitale”

Press play arrow below to hear this week’s message.  Thanks for Listening!  Happy Days…

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1 thought on “Vol. 3 “Mom, Dad, Sister”

  1. Sue

    Knowing Jackie, Jerry and Gina, they’ve got to be delighted with what you’ve here expressed – and although I know that these 3 gifts are just part of what they’ve given you, they are such significant ones. Thanks for this, Jerry – (we’d also love to hear from them what gifts you’ve given them :))


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