Vol. 2 “Your Tour Guide”

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CompassBegin to think of me as a tour guide and not a teacher.

The gifts of conventional wisdom shared in this series is experienced by walking you through the journeys and adventures with my ‘gift givers’ who left behind ideas, information and milestone moments.  I am merely communicating to you these lessons through the stories of my ‘gift givers’.

Guiding you through these stories you will find yourself incorporating this practical information into your life, by thinking about and sharing the ideas.

Next week, let the stories begin…Next Week Vol. 3 “Mom, Dad, Sister”.
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6 thoughts on “Vol. 2 “Your Tour Guide”

  1. Kim

    Continue to follow your passion, you are an amazing communicator. I am enjoying your series, “You Are A Gift!”

    1. Jerry Vitale Post author

      Hey Kim thanks so much for following along and your kind complimentary words. Its been such a joy creating, recording these messages but now to connect with people it’s been even more fun and it’s only week 2. I know you and all the Flaherty crew will appreciate week 5 when I share Jim, Mabel and the wonderful Family they created and who still keep their memory and wonderful hearts alive every time they get together. Thanks again Kim…happy days…

  2. Kristin Dyson

    Jerry, you my friend are one of my gift givers! Have been for years. Thank you for giving back and serving as a positive reminder to share our own gifts. We are all the conductor of our own trains right!? Those tracks have been laid we simply need to get on track. All aboard!!

    1. Jerry Vitale Post author

      All aboard indeed!

      Thanks Kristin and so very good to hear from you. I love your comment/analogy you shared here and I am not sure I could have said it any better. Around week 9 I’m going to begin having some listeners of the series, on the series, from time to time, sharing their ‘gift givers’. And after reading your reply I hope you’ll participate in this process I’ll outline at a later date…stay tuned.

      In the mean time enjoy the people you’ll get to know and the conventional wisdom they have to share and thanks again for following along and your continued support. Means the world! Happy days…

  3. Deb Bakalez

    Thank you! It’s nice to be reminded how we all have special gifts. You have been a wonderful gift in my life. From one tour guide to another have a wonder week.

    1. Jerry Vitale Post author

      Deb, you as the most outstanding tour guide at the famous “Herr’s” snack company in Pennsylvania your comment means a lot. If I have 1 ounce the passion you have for all the visitors and for sharing that outstanding company with them, each week as I share a “Gift Giver”, I can not fail. Thanks for having me in your company as a fellow Tour Guide, and thanks for taking the time to comment and listen in to “You’re A Gift”! Happy days…


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