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Vol. 42 “The Land Of Hope & Dreams”

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“Big wheels roll through fields where sunlight streams. Meet me in a Land of Hope & Dreams.” -Bruce Springsteen

Today is the story of my wife Courtney, who you met back in Volumes 19 & 20…

Click To Hear Vol 19 “Unconventional…Unconditional” Courtney Vitale Pt. 1

Click To Hear Vol 20 “Deep Faith” Courtney Vitale Pt. 2

and I finding our respite, our refuge, our home…and Courtney’s gift of beginning with the end in mind.  You cannot find what you are looking for, until you know what you are looking for and then it becomes the reason, the impetus to make what you seek a reality.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Next week “Some Things Never Change…Thank God!”-Kevin Quartz a.k.a Moozie

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