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Vol. 78 “Portrait Of Strength”- Shari Hyde


Shari and her husband Russ were part of the Southern Living at Home season in my life.  Shari has been through 3 surgeries for a brain aneurysm, Go To “Prayers For Shariover the past weeks.

A Woman of Faith, loving Wife, wonderful Mother, Business Woman, Physical Therapist, so many things to so many, Shari also has the voice of an Angel.  Being a kind soul she lent her voice back in 2004 to “Portrait Of Strength” a song I penned and recorded with her that she would transform into a duet.  What a gift.

Today I share Shari’s voice, through that song, as Courtney and my expectant prayer that she will make a full recovery, so that those who know and love her, will again hear her voice, filling the silence full of joy and happiness.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Click To Play “Portrait Of Strength”

Portrait Of Strength
Light to the world
Mother at seventeen
Strength and conviction
The kind rarely seen
Some things just ain’t for sale
No reward will I take
For the life I have within me
This a portrait of strength

Nothing left to do but believe
Nothing left to have but faith
The only time I find it is in weakness
All I ever wanted perfect strength

A day like any other
Colored leaves upon the lawn
My hopes my fears it seemed like years
The phone call dragged on
What’s that you are saying
What’s that my mind must absorb
I thought it was nothing
Reset the sail it’s time to change course

All I ever wanted
Was really nothing for myself
But just for the time being
I’ll put my dreams upon a shelf
It’s there they’ll be waiting
When I come back and play
My life so wide open
I won’t be wasting a single day

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