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Vol. 24 “How Will I Look Later?”- Tim Percarpio & Donna Kelly


This week meet my Father & Mother In-Law. 

Tim & Donna raised a fantastic Family with 5 kids and I am fortunate to be a part of their Family as well.  While I was not the ideal suitor they imagined their daughter Courtney brining home, through those first years of change and adjustment I found a gift from them that has allowed me to bring hindsight into the present moment.  This gift allowed me to better handle intense and important situations to bring about outcomes that are best for all involved.

Hear the beginning of the story by meeting my Wife Courtney in these past two audios:

Click To Hear “Unconventional…Unconditional” Courtney Vitale Pt. 1

Click To Hear “Deep Faith” Courtney Vitale Pt. 2

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Next week “Quiet Conversations To Others”- Tim & Linda Percarpio

Press play arrow below to hear “How Will I Look Later?”.

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