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Vol. 28 “Getting Things Done” Jen, Jon & Meredith Harman

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In August of 1993 as I began graduate school I took a job as a live in “Manny” for Chris & Jon Butcher, who you met in Volume 27, (Click To Hear Volume 27 “Listen To Who?”) on their farm in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania.  Cooking, cleaning, chaffering and looking after Chris’ kids were just some of the responsibilities that filled nearly 5 years of service.

This week meet Chris’ three kids Jen, Jon & Meredith whom during my “Mannying” gave me the gift of experiencing what it was like to be a big brother and who gave me my first lessons in leading, managing and getting things done.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Next week “Silly But Important”- Howard Stern 

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