Vol. 68 “Standing On Tradition”-Mel Awes

Photo Dec 14, 9 01 49 PM

Mel Awes has been a Boss, Friend, Mentor and Business Partner for 17 years.  Our list of experiences, stories and adventures is long, so Mel will make numerous appearances in the “Your A Gift” series.  Today explores the gift of tradition.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Press play below to hear this week’s message “Standing On Tradition”.

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1 thought on “Vol. 68 “Standing On Tradition”-Mel Awes

  1. Sue

    Hey Jerry – clearly this was a gift to both Mel and me – (although I’ve been included in this December tradition only once!) – so thank you – and know that Mel is today happily getting ready for the trek to Philly tomorrow – both of you, have a ball!


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