Best Of “You’re A Gift”-Vol. 42 “The Land Of Hope & Dreams”


New studio update…The new studio is being assembled at “Sweetwater Sound” in Indiana, and should begin it’s journey to the Land of Hope & Dreams next week.  New messages should begin in two weeks.  Thanks for your patience, thanks for your continued support.

Speaking of the Land of Hope and Dreams…

It was 15 years ago this past Monday that Courtney and I became stewards of this particular place on Earth.  This week please enjoy Vol. 42 “The Land of Hope & Dreams” telling the serendipitous  tale of how we came to live here.

Here is the link to the original posting

Click To Hear “The Land Of Hope & Dreams”

or simply press the play arrow below to listen.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

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2 thoughts on “Best Of “You’re A Gift”-Vol. 42 “The Land Of Hope & Dreams”

    1. Jerry Vitale Post author

      Thanks Alane for your continued support, glad that the messages are helpful, looking forward to getting back to some new ones. Lots of wonderful giftgiver’s stories to tell. Wishing you and Tom all my best. Thanks again for taking some time to listen and to reach out. Happy days…


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