Vol. 41 “Gotta Laugh While You Try”- Paul Kelly


Today, March 27, 2015 marks exactly 20 years since I joined Enviro-tech International (hear all about Enviro-tech here in Vol. 31 Click To Hear “My Direct Selling Story Pt1), the company I have been speaking about the in the past 10 volumes.

Today’s Gift Giver Paul Kelly and I were working closely together when we realized our time with the company was growing short.  At the time and looking back now, at those last few months, they are some of the most wonderful memories even though we were surrounded by chaos, all because of the gift Paul gave to me during those trying times.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Next week “The Land Of Hope And Dreams”

Press play arrow below to hear “Gotta Laugh While You Try”.

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