Vol. 38 “Spirit Of Adventure”- Drew Earl

Drew Earl0001

In order to find new adventures, in order to bring about a difference in ours and others lives we must move beyond our comfort zones.  It was Drew who helped develop an innate curiosity, that is the bedrock of moving towards the fringe of fear where we can find and see things anew.  In this fresh approach we can ride the spirit of adventure and continually surprise ourselves.

Thanks Drew for your early influence, friendship and being the one I turned when I contemplated something way outside of my zone of comfort.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Next week “Legacy”- Mike Deneka

Press play arrow below to hear “Spirit Of Adventure”.

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2 thoughts on “Vol. 38 “Spirit Of Adventure”- Drew Earl

  1. Kelton Drew Earl

    Wow! Years ago I learned that to enjoy your career, go for the letter, not the check. Technology has changed that a bit…the ‘recording’ made my millennium
    today! Thank you Jerry! You rock!

    1. Jerry Vitale Post author

      Thank you Drew for helping with my start that leads to an enivitable end but especially with all the many many moments in between!Time nor distance can not erase it all. Wishing you continued spirited adventures with all you meet. Happy days…


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