Vol. 20 “Deep Faith”- Courtney Vitale Pt. 2

Photo Sep 22, 7 04 12 PM Photo Nov 20, 2 08 45 PM Photo Jul 04, 5 22 13 PM

My wife Courtney is back from last week’s message “Unconventional…Unconditional” that you can listen to here: Unconventional…Unconditional

This week my wife Courtney gives us the gift that Faith is never a function of the eyes and the ears, only of the heart. If Faith is present the unseen is seen clearly and the unheard becomes music to our ears.

Thanks for listening!  Happy days…

Next week “God Bless Teachers”- Dr. Catherine Ruvalo & Dr. Suzanne Phillips

Press play arrow below to hear this week’s message.

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