Vol. 7 “Ken Kesey”

Young With Hat      Coo Coos Nest      Old With Hat

This week I share gift giver Ken Kesey, a gift giver I never met in person.  The gifts we give radiate out and go far beyond the people we give them to.

Ken’s classic book “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest” and the character of Randle P MacMurphy, an unlikely gift giver, pushes us to push further regardless of what others plans might be.

Also Ken’s life, full of adventure, full of many contributions to popular culture, and his cultural revolution, is an example that pushes us to push beyond others lack of understanding.

Next week…”Music”

Press play arrow below to hear this week’s message.  Thanks for Listening!  Happy Days…

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1 thought on “Vol. 7 “Ken Kesey”

  1. Anna Redding

    Well done, Jerry!

    My mom always said, “Can’t never could do anything” and she was spot on! Just as you are with, “not trying guarantees failure”!
    Looking forward to your next in the series…

    Hugs and Blessings,


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