Guest Gift Giver “Chris Whitacre”

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This week meet and hear from Guest Gift Giver Chris Whitacre. Business Woman and Leader of Field Development for All’asta, Wife, Mother and so much more, Chris has many roles in which she has found countless gifts.

In this special message Chris shares with you Gift Giver Luke, her 16 year old son, his story of resilience and the story behind the formation of one of her philanthropies, Many Faces 1 Voice ( and how good works of service that inspire us all, can come out of tragedy.

You too can be a Guest Gift Giver. Just watch “Jerry Vitale Platform Speaker” on Facebook for opportunities to share your gifts and your Gift Givers with all the “You’re A Gift” listeners. Look there right now for the “Honor Your Past” post, comment there sharing someone from a prior generation who was a Gift Giver to you, and you could be the next Guest Gift Giver!

Next week…”The Neighborhood Crew”

Press play arrow below to hear this week’s message.  Thanks for Listening!  Happy Days…

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